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Products for your Oil and Gas Proppant Hopper Needs

March 25th, 2018

At Krisry International Inc., we are positioned to supply “in demand” parts needed for the oil and gas silica sand hopper industry. Please check out the following parts on our website and see if these are parts that you utilize, or would benefit from using on your silica sand hoppers.


Krisry International, Inc. Introduces it's New and Improved ISO Container Caster Design!

May 16th, 2016
  • Casters facilitate the easy movement of cargo containers
  • Available from 3,000 lb ratings to 12,000 lb ratings per caster to best suit your needs
  • Secure fit to the container corner casting for low clearance
  • Our casters are engineered so that the body walls line up directly with the side walls of the ISO corner casting. This ensures the loads are transferred directly in line.
  • The high safety level built into the caster design means that the bolt and lock nut is tightened at 90 degrees to the hand nut. There is no risk of vibration damaging the clamp
  • Heavy duty foot brakes included
  • We also supply our casters with mounting plates. These allow you to easily lift your cassters with a forklift and maneuver them into a locked position

Call us today! we look forward to the opportunity to discuss how our Container Casters will work for your business.


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